We at Tilt Tray Kelmscott fully acknowledge the fact that accidents and breakdowns can happen anywhere. And under such circumstances, it is normal for anyone to desire a reliable and fast towing service. However, with so many towing options to choose from, you can very well get confused. So, putting your every doubt to rest, we ensure that our Oakford tilt tray services are the one you should choose.

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A tilt tray truck is also known as a slide, flatbed, or a rollback truck, and it is a towing truck that everyone prefers. This is because it carries your vehicle instead of dragging it by hook and chains.

Our towing Kelmscott truck, just like other tilt tray towing trucks, makes use of a movable tray that can be tilted at an angle. This tray can even reach the ground and is dependent on a hydraulic ramp system to load and slide the on to our truck. A winch rope pulls the vehicle up and secures it to the tray.



As you already know, our tilt tray services Kelmscott are your best choice to carry on with the towing and transportation task in case of a car breakdown or an accident. And it is especially true under the following circumstances:

  • When your car has been in an accident, and it’s stuck in an awkward position.
  • When you’re transporting more than one vehicle.
  • When you need to tow or transport luxury vehicles.
  • When you need to move shipping containers or any other heavy machinery.


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  • Tilt tray truck hire

You can hire our tow truck Kelmscott at extremely reasonable rates, starting at $90/hour. You can hire them to tow your vehicle and other light machinery, and our services are available 24*7.

  • Freight and flat top services

Here, our towing Kelmscott services can help you with picking up your farm equipment, general freight, pallets, and whatever else you need as long as the weight limit does not exceed.

  • Motorcycle towing services
  • You can also avail our towing Kelmscott service if you want to tow and transport your motorcycle to a service station or anywhere else.Machinery transport services

We at Oakford Tilt Tray Services provide our efficient and professional tow truck Kelmscott to both individuals and businesses so that they can transport their machinery.

Some of the machinery we help with includes light machinery, small excavators, generators, small tractors, small excavators, scissor lifts, forklifts, mowers, general freight, caravans, etc.

  • Roadside assistance

Has your vehicle suddenly broken down? Or does it need a jump start, fuel, or a tyre change? Whatever the glitch maybe, Oakford Tilt Tray Services is here to serve your needs.


The first and foremost reason why so many people prefer to use a tilt tray truck to tow their vehicles is because they don’t drag their already damaged vehicle.

This gives the client a sense of security that their car will not sustain further damage from the hook and chain method.

However, there are a few more reasons why using  Tilt Tray Kelmscott are the best option:

  • Your vehicle will be on the move within a matter of minutes

Experts at Oakford Tilt Tray Services have the requisite experience of speeding up the process of getting your vehicle ready for transportation irrespective of its position.

There’s absolutely no need for your car to be manoeuvred in a certain way for it to be towed.

Our tilt tray trucks only need to adjust its flatbed’s position so that it can lift your car off the ground. Once your vehicle is recovered, it will get on the move faster and safer.

  • Our trucks ensure the prevention of any additional damage to your vehicle

One of the reasons our services are highly sought after is that our towing Kelmscott service ensures no further damage to your damaged vehicle as it’s already in a delicate situation and needs extra care.

Our tilt tray truck is the best option to move your vehicle into safety after an accident or a breakdown. Instead of dragging your car on its wheels, we safely nestle it on the flatbed. This way, it is protected from scratches and dents and also from any mechanical damages.

  • Our trucks are less susceptible to accidents

If you think about how the conventional pulling method works, you will realise that the truck’s rearview can get obstructed, resulting in additional accidents. And even though extremely rare, the towed car may get detached and can strike other vehicles on the road.

These risks get significantly reduced to almost nil once you decide to avail our tilt tray services Kelmscott. This is because our drivers have a clear view of the road, thus ensuring that other vehicles are not exposed to unwanted mishaps.

  • There’s no risk of your vehicle getting disconnected

Sometimes cars can get detached from a tow truck for a variety of reasons. It may be due to irregular terrain, faulty hooks, and uneven weight distribution, etc.

However, this will never happen with towing service Kelmscott. This is because your car will rest on a flatbed, and you can be sure that it will remain where it is.

  • Our tow truck Kelmscott can even accommodate vehicles in difficult accident situations

A car towing team that doesn’t have the necessary experience might find recovering a damaged vehicle a bit tricky, especially if it has fallen in a river or a ditch or if it has been sandwiched between 2 other cars.

And although an ordinary towing truck may find it challenging to manoeuvre the car and take time pulling it out, our tilt tray tow truck can be easily adjusted to accommodate such complicated scenarios.

The car can easily be hoisted using a hydraulic ramp system and quickly taken to the service station.

  • Towing service Kelmscott has tilt tray trucks that are cost-effective

Primarily due to its operation, a tilt tray truck might cost more than a regular tow truck. However, if you think about all the advantages that come with it, our tilt tray services Kelmscott are easily the most cost-effective option.

The added security, safety, flexibility, speedy operation, and convenience we provide are all worth the added expense.

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By now, you must have realised that tilt tray trucks are the best option when it comes to towing and transporting vehicles. Our tilt tray Kelmscott services provide tilt tray trucks that can move all types of load safely, securely, and fast.

If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to call Oakford Tilt Tray Services at  0428244922. You can also mail us at tilt@sent.com.