Tilt Tray Truck Hire Perth & Western Australia

Looking for tilt tray hire in Perth? Hire a tilt tray truck in Perth to transport your cars, light machines, motorcycles etc. If you require a tilt tray towing service in Perth at the most affordable price, then we can help you at Oakford Tilt Tray Services. Oakford Tilt Tray Services are available 24×7 and prepared to help in your hour of need, We mainly work SOR Perth suburbs and can tow most vehicles and light machinery.

Oakford Tilt Tray Services offers the most efficient and professional tilt tray towing to both private individuals and businesses in Perth and country Western Australia. Oakford Tilt Tray Services ready no matter what vehicle or car or machinery you want to be towed Oakford Tilt Tray Services can do anything at a very affordable price range to take care of your pocket also.

Hire Tilt Tray Towing in Perth

  • What Tilt Tray Towing Actually is?

You may have seen on the road that standard trucks towing or pulling other cars from the rear end of it and it is a very common scenario but not all people love to transport their vehicle that way the car can get damaged even more while it’s being towed or getting pulled on the road.

A tilt tray truck has a hydraulic ramp system that lets the vehicle be hoisted from the ground and then place it on the back of the truck. That means the vehicle which is being towed will be completely off the road as it is being transported to its required destination by the truck.

If a car has faced an accident then it should not be towed in a normal way by a normal truck because there could have pieces of glass and metal falling off it while being towed and it is not even easy to drag it like that always due to its condition. And there are also certain cars like 4WD or AWD which cannot be dragged by using a normal tow truck. These cars always require tilt tray tow service otherwise they may get damaged which is not an option for the owners. Oakford Tilt Tray Services is always ready to serve the safest and most reliable transportation.

Get the Best Tilt Tray Hire Services Perth Wide

  • Tilt Tray Towing for High Performance & Lowered Vehicles

When you own high performance and lowered vehicle you know the difficulties of getting your car transported and the best option is Tilt Tray Towing service by Oakford Tilt Tray Services.  Antique cars, classic cars, hot rods, sports cars, luxury cars, race cars, lowered and any high-performance vehicle that is unlike the standard vehicle on the road comes under high performance and lowered cars and the owners of these cars treasure these cars as in most of the cases these pieces are irreplaceable. So, the care is the primary thing that the owners ask for their cars when they want it to be transported to another area and Oakford Tilt Tray Services never fails in providing its any customer what they ask for; tilt tray towing and transporting the car to its desired destination is the number one concern of ours and we make sure no damage, no scratch nothing is happening to your car because you hired the best Tilt Tray Towing service provider of Perth.

Cost of hiring tilt tray truck in Perth

Oakford Tilt Tray Services has two different costs for its Tilt Tray Towing; one for Local Tilt Tray Towing Service and the other one for Country Tilt Tray Towing Service.

  • For Local Tilt Tray Towing Service Oakford, Tilt Tray Services charges $80Hook up/ loading fee (including delivery within 10km no extra charge). And $2.5 gets added per km after 10km (plus GST).
  • For Country Tilt Tray Towing Service Oakford Tilt Tray Services charges $80Hook up/ loading fee. And $3 gets added per km after 10km (plus GST).

Why choose Oakford Tilt Tray Services for hiring Tilt Tray in Perth?

  • We are the most reliable Tilt Tray Towing and transporting company in Perth.
  • Tilt Tray Towing Trucks always prepared to serve anytime anywhere.
  • Fully Insured.
  • On-time tow & delivery assured.
  • No damage can happen to us in your car.
  • The very affordable price range for tilt tray towing locally and country.

Contact us now to avail the best Tilt tray Towing Service in Perth and enjoy the best in class service.



$80 Hook up / loading fee ( includes delivery within 10km no extra charge )

Add $2.5 per km after 10km ( plus GST)


$80 Hook up / loading fee

Add $3 per km ( plus GST)