Looking for Tilt Tray hire in Oakford? Get your cars  towed safely through tilt tray hire Oakford.  Oakford Tilt Tray, a professional towing company, provides tilt tray for hire in Oakford for towing cars,  & other vehicles.    Towing your vehicles is a job that needs caution and attention. Hiring a sturdy tilt tray truck is a great option to tow your precious car or light machinery across a distance, whether it is within your local borders or near the countryside. Professional car towing Oakford service like ours is sure to provide smooth and scratch-free transportation of your automobile to the required destination.


The mechanical practice of pulling up a vehicle by a usual tow truck is not something everyone approves of. Thus, people hire tilt tray truck Oakford to minimize the chances of car damage or to prevent the scatter of sharp objects from an accident car. Our tilt tray truck hire Oakford can be a suitable option.  Working on the principle of a hydraulic ramp, a tilt tray truck lifts off the vehicle and places it at the back in a tilted position, such that it stays absolutely off the road until it safely reaches its destination. Unlike the conventional dragging method, tilt tray trucks provide a drag-free towing for cars & other vehicle which guarantees safe and secure transportation.


A Smooth Car Towing in Oakford

The owners of high-performance cars such as luxury cars, sports cars, exotic cars, antique cars, or other such  cars, often desire a careful towing procedure that will not harm their valued automobiles even the slightest. Car towing Oakford service will deliver to you a high-class towing service in Oakford  for all types of cars by lending tow trucks, the most reliable towing option to preserve the maintenance of your car.

tilt tray hire for car towing oakford

Freight and Flat Top Services in Oakford

Also associated with cargo transportation, Oakford Tilt Tray Services offers the scope for transporting farm equipment, general freight, pallets etc. With a truckload capacity of 4400 kg, our tow trucks in Oakford are specially designed to carry your cargo, protecting them by a tarp wrap. We ratchet strap your freight as well to prevent any kind of ensuing damage or unwanted loss of goods.

Machinery transportation in Oakfoard

Towing Oakford Services offers a dedicated service to ensure hassle-free transportation of your machinery at pocket-friendly deals. We even transport light machinery such as forklifts, bobcats, mowers, etc for both individuals and business firms across Oakford.

tilt tray hire for machinery cargo transport oakford


Foolproof Transportation

Our car towing  Oakford is one of the most dependable towing services around. Towing and transportation of your personal car or bike, flat top, or even machine requires a foolproof mechanism to execute a damage-free movement. Car towing Oakford widens the prospect of a towing process devoid of any harmful impact to the towed object. Our tilt tray hire has been thoughtfully arranged to provide you towing assistance available for you as per your towing needs.

Affordable and Easily Available

While other companies may overlook your financial comfort, we keep in mind your desired monetary range. Our tilt tray truck for hire in Oakford provides you with a first-class towing option at a reasonable rate, available anywhere at your desired time.

Timely Service and Sure Shot delivery

Oakford Tilt tray should be your preferred choice if you wish to get your vehicle towed at the right time. Our professionalism allows us to maintain time and while keeping track of the watch, we provide the delivery at the desired place within the scheduled time.

Insurance Guarantee

Though the chances of damage are close to nil with our meticulous tilt tray hire, we give you the additional relief of being fully insured with us.

Relying On Our Fame

As Oakford Tilt Tray Services has become more popular over the years, we proudly recommend to you our efficient towing service to tow and transport your car or goods to the fixed place, without a single scratch. Reliability often depends on fame and we got a glowing one due to the positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers.

Best & Affordable Car Towing Oakford Sevice

Strong Support

Due to its functional built-in design, it allows a super successful towing with minimal chance of your vehicle getting separated from the tilt tray truck. The sturdy support accelerates a secure car towing Oakford.

The Right Choice for Accident Cars

To pick up and transport accident cars is a risky business as often, broken glass or other scrap materials fall off from it. For such kind of careful transportation, car towing Oakford is the apt choice to bank on.

Multi-Dimensional Versatility

Right from old cars to contemporary models or even costly ones, Oakford Tilt Tray services launches the channel for towing and transporting a wide range of vehicles.


Have some queries or want to get a free estimate for tilt tray hire Oakford? Get a free quote or estimate either by calling us on 0428244922 or fill out the contact form. With us, you can be assured about getting the best & affordable tilt tray truck in Oakford to hire for towing cars, motorbikes, machinery, cargo and more.