Looking for tilt tray hire Armadale, WA? Oakford Tilt Tray Services is a renowned towing and transportation company, that has upgraded its technology and advanced over the years, to deliver the best & affordable towing services in Armadale for cars, motorcycles, machinery, cargo and more.

Our professional and modern take on lending you a tilt tray truck for hire in Armadale has polished our reputation further and whenever you need a tilt tray to hire or towing service for your vehicle or cargo, remember Oakford Tilt Tray got you covered. Place your trust onto us to receive a fully insured, excellent towing service in Armadale for cars at superbly low prices.

To offer you a clearer picture of our functioning, we have enlisted types of towing services we provide in and around Armadale, WA.

tilt tray hire armadale car towing


The Concept of a Tilt Tray Truck in Armadale

The old & usual practice of towing a vehicle by a usual tow truck is not something everyone approves of. To cross off the chances of vehicle & freight damage or to prevent the scatter of sharp objects from an accident vehicle, people prefer to hire tilt tray truck Armadale for towing.  Working on the principle of a hydraulic ramp system, a tilt tray truck lifts off the vehicle and places it at the back in a tilted position, such that it stays absolutely off the road until it safely reaches its destination. Oakford Tilt Tray Services provides tilt tray hire Armadale for completely secure transportation.

Delivering Safe & Secure Towing Armadale Service

The owners of high-performance vehicles such as luxury cars, sports cars, hot rods, antique cars, or other such lowered cars, often desire a secure & safe towing procedure, that will not cause a single scratch on their valued cars, motorbikes. In Armadale, Oakford Tilt Tray Services will deliver to you an A grade tilt tray service by hiring out our tilt tray trucks, that will transport your treasured car, without a single spot being damaged.

Towing With Us; a Comfortable Journey

Be it local or across the country, avail our professional towing Armadale service for cars, motorcycle, freight, cargo & more at an affordable price. Safe towing is our number one priority and it is fully insured. Anytime, anyplace, book our tilt tray truck for hire in Armadale to experience first-class transportation. We are the best in the line of car towing and our fame has grown across Armadale for quite a while!

Knowing About Our Freight and Flat Top Services Of Tilt Tray Armadale

The above-mentioned terms are associated with cargo transportation and our company uses these services to pick up your farm equipment, general freight, pallets or any such item. We head out on our journey, after covering these with a tarp.

Thus, be it transport, machinery or any vehicle, Oakford Tilt Tray Services has the means to guarantee a foolproof towing service in & around Armadale.

tilt tray hire armadale for machinery & freight towing

Our Special Care in Freight and Flat Top

With a truckload capacity of 4400 kg, our tilt tray trucks are specially designed to carry your cargo and once they are protected by a tarp wrap, we complete our journey without any damage or loss of good. We ratchet strap your freight for protection as well.

Avail Oakford’s efficient Freight and Flat Top Services in Armadale, WA at reasonable rates for the best transportation of your machinery or car, in Armadale.

Reliable Machinery Transportation With Tilt Tray Armadale

Oakford Tilt Tray Services proudly presents hassle-free transportation of your machinery at pocket-friendly deals. We even transport light machinery such as forklifts, bobcats, mowers, etc for both individuals and businesses across Armadale, WA.

tilt tray hire armadale for truck towing


Look up our contact details and get in touch with us to know about the cost or quote for hiring a tilt tray truck in Armadale. To get hold of our best & affordable towing and tilt tray hire services in Armadale Call us at 0428244922 now!